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Nyanko Kyowakoku

Nyanko Kyowakoku

There is one restaurant on Tashirojima near the cat shrine that you can go into without a reservation.
Appropriate for this island, the restaurant is named “Nyanko Kyowakoku” (“Kitty Republic”). Nyanko Kyowakoku opened in September 2016.

  • A wide variety of cat-related merchandise
  • Tourists choosing souvenirs
  • The restaurant’s cute and clever mascot, Saba

Located inside an abandoned school building, it serves yakisoba, gyudon (beef bowl), chukadon (chop suey), and so on.
It also sells cat-related merchandise in addition to food, so be prepared for some damage to your wallet.

Chukadon and gyudon

Nyanko Kyowakoku is good for eating and relaxing, but it takes inconsistent holidays, so you might want to prepare food and drinks beforehand if you are worried about finding a meal on the island.
The island does have some drink vending machines, but not many.

Don’t forget to take your trash with you when you leave the island to help keep it beautiful.

An islander gives cats their favorite canned food at the harbor

An islander gives cats their favorite canned food at the harbor

One thing I want to ask you to be particularly careful of is that you must not feed the cats on the island.
If you give the cats food, they might get sick. Don’t be moved by their adorable faces and give them food in the heat of the moment. There is no need to worry that the cats might be hungry.

Ajishima Line departure location: 3-1-19 Kadonowaki-cho, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi
Ajishima Line

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