TV Program

「The Road to Recovery」

  • Facing Harmful Rumors Head-On:
    Fukushima PrefecturePlayback time:28min

    In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the infamous accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant scattered radioactive materials over a wide area, causing 160,000 people to evacuate their homes at the height of the disaster.
    However, ongoing decontamination work has since greatly reduced the size of the exclusion zone. In addition, with a few exceptions, radiation levels in most areas have now returned to normal levels. Those who work in the agriculture and hospitality industries in Fukushima Prefecture have long had to put up with the damage done to the area’s reputation.
    Nevertheless, they have come to accept these reputation problems as a fact of life and are now working harder than ever before to overcome them by providing safer, more appealing products and services with a sense of pride and backed by stringent inspection standards.
    This program introduces the people of Fukushima Prefecture who, having overcome many crises in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, are now taking positive steps to move forward.
    Reporter: Kanako Sachno

  • New Bonds for a New Life:
    Miyagi PrefecturePlayback time:28min

    With its vast plains and 142 fishing ports, Miyagi Prefecture was once called “Food Kingdom.”
    However, the tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake dealt enormous damage to the fields, fishing ports and beautiful scenery along the prefecture’s coast.
    Now, some six years on from that fateful day, the farmers, fishermen and hospitality industry workers of Miyagi Prefecture are working hard to make a fresh start with a positive attitude and a renewed appreciation for the importance of the bonds between people. The close bonds and connections that began among local groups of friends here have now grown to include those who came from other parts of Japan as volunteers and, through them, people throughout Japan and around the world.
    This program introduces several examples of their various all-new endeavors.
    Reporter: Dean Newcombe

  • Creating New Prosperity:
    Iwate PrefecturePlayback time:28min

    Featuring a beautiful and extensive ria coastline, Iwate Prefecture has long been home to many fishermen who make their living off the bounty of the sea.
    Iwate Prefecture suffered enormous damage in the tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused many fishermen to lose their boats, their livelihoods, their homes and even their families. Nevertheless, some six years on from that fateful day, the fishermen of the affected areas are still working hard to provide delicious, high-quality seafood to consumers both inside and outside of the prefecture through efforts that include creating entirely new brands that did not exist before the earthquake.
    At the same time, the residents of these areas have turned their attention to the prefecture’s remaining natural beauty and resources and are now working to launch new businesses and promote industry and tourism. Blessed with the natural bounty of Iwate Prefecture, the people here are actively taking on the challenges of recovery. Through their efforts,
    Iwate Prefecture is “Creating New Prosperity” unlike any that has come before. Reporter: Daniel Kahl